Shared solutions to protect shared values

  • Woman on horseback. Photo by Chase Fountain
  • Birdwatchers. Photo by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
  • Butterfly. Photo by Tim Daniel / Ohio Division of Wildlife

Across the country, government agencies, partners and stakeholders are taking action to prepare for and respond to the impacts of a changing climate on the nation’s valuable natural resources and the people who depend on them.

The following table lists the title, location, submitting agency, and habitat type for all of the case studies that were submitted during the production of the 2014 Taking Action report. The table is arranged by location and divided in to seven different regions. For more information about any of these projects, to request a list of partners, or to share a case study or example of adaptation in your area, please contact us.



Submitting Agency

Habitat Type


Berries in Decline South Central Alaska North Pacific LCC Arctic
Developing Baseline Data to Respond to Coastal Change Alaska NPS Arctic
Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska Alaska USGS Multiple
Restoring Access to Salmon Habitats Alaska Chickaloon Tribe Inland Water

Pacific Islands

Coral Adaptations at National Park of American Samoa American Samoa NPS Marine
Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative Hawaii and Pacific Island territories PICCC All


A Coupled Assessment of Climate Change Washington and Oregon North Pacific LCC Inland Water / Marine
Bear River Estuary Restoration Washington National Fish Habitat Partnership Coastal / Inland Water
Birds of the North Pacific Northern California, Oregon, Washington North Pacific LCC Multiple
BLM Regional Mitigation Strategy Nevada BLM Shrubland
Branciforte Creek Dam Removal California National Fish Habitat Partnership Inland Water
California DFW Climate College California CA DFW Multiple
Climate Change and Assisted Migration Idaho USFS Multiple
Climate Change and Southwestern Terrestrial Species Southwest USFS Multiple
Coastal Ecosystems and Climate California, Oregon, Washington

North Pacific LCC

Conner Creek Barrier Removal Project California National Fish Habitat Partnership Inland Water
Conservation Planning Atlas North Pacific North Pacific LCC Multiple
Developing Regional Invasive Plant Strategies California California DFW Grassland / Shrubland
Effects of Climate Change on California Coast California USGS Coastal
Effects of Climate Change on Northwest Cheatgrass NV, OR, ID USGS Grassland / Shrubland
Improving Salmon Habitat on the Upper Quinault River Olympic Peninsula, WA Quinault Tribe Inland Water
Integrated Scenarios of Climate, Hydrology, and Vegetation North West US USGS Inland Water
Local Outreach Coastal Response Modeling California USGS Coastal
Managing Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout under Climate Change ID, WY, UT, NV, and MT NPS Inland Water
North Cascadia Adaptation Partnership Washington NPS Multiple
Northwestern Tribal Forest Improvement Washington Quinault Tribe Forest
Pacific Coast Sea-Level Rise Modeling California, WA, OR FWS Coastal
Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Project Oregon U. of Oregon Multiple
Pacific Northwest Vulnerability Assessment WA, OR, ID Washington State Multiple
Restoration of the Salmon Creek Delta California FWS Coastal
Rio Grande Water Fund New Mexico TNC Inland Water / Forest
Sagebrush Conservation Western U.S. BLM Grassland / Shrubland
San Francisco Bay Wetland Restoration California NOAA Coastal
San Francisco Conservation Lands Network San Francisco Bay Area FWS Multiple
Saving Hotter and Dryer Cienaga Habitat on Pitchfork Ranch Grant County, Southwest New Mexico AT and Cinda Cole Shrubland / Inland Water
Strengthening Meadow Resiliency California California DFW Grassland / Shrubland
Supporting Colorado’s Vulnerability Assessment Colorado FWS Multiple
Traditional Gathering Calendar South-central Alaska to Northern California North Pacific LCC Multiple
Vulnerability Assessment of California Vegetative Communities California California DFW Multiple
Washington Connected Landscapes Washington North Pacific LCC Multiple
Yakima River Basin Integrated Plan Washington WA DFW Inland Water


Brook Trout Vulnerability Driftless Area Wisconsin, Michigan Wisconsin DNR Inland Water
Climate Change and the Ceded Territories Great Lakes Region GLIFWC Multiple
Determining Effects of Climate Change on Streamflow North Central US USGS Inland Water
Effects of Climate Change on Woody Encroachment MT, ND, SD, WY, NE USGS Grassland / Shrubland
PFW Program Climate Adaptation Restoration USFWS Mountain Prairie Region FWS Inland Water
Planting Future Forests in Northern Minnesota Minnesota TNC Forest
Protecting Coldwater Fish in Minnesota Minnesota MN DNR Inland Water


Action on Adaptation Cape Romain NWR South Carolina FWS Coastal
Albemarle-Pamlico Adaptation Project North Carolina FWS Coastal
Alternative Futures for Florida Keys Florida Keys Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Multiple
Assessing Climate-Sensitive Southeast Ecosystems Southeast USGS Multiple
Buying Time Against Rising Seas Florida FWS Coastal
Gulf Coast Climate Vulnerability TX, LA, MS, AL, and FL FWS Coastal
Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit Adaptive Management Florida Keys FWS Coastal and Inland Water
Pocosin Lakes NWR Peatland Restoration North Carolina FWS Coastal
Resilient Sites in the Southeast Southeast US (NC, SC, GA, FL, Al, TN, KY, WV, and VA) TNC Multiple
Sea Turtle Vulnerability Assessment Florida USGS Marine / Coastal
Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy SE United States GCPO LCC (FWS) Multiple
Tennessee Dam Removal Tennessee Tennessee DFW Inland Water
West Tennessee Vulnerability Assessment Tennessee GCPO LCC (FWS) Multiple


Building Resilient Fisheries and Communities Through Diversification Maine NOAA Marine
Central Appalachians Essential Forests and Key Connectors Central Appalachian Forests (PA, MD, WV, VA, KY, TN) TNC Forest
Climate Change and Waterfowl Populations Maryland USGS Coastal
Climate Change Impacts on Northeast Forests Northeast USGS Forest
Coastal Vulnerability and Wetlands Impact Assessment Hurricane Sandy Northeast USGS Coastal
Dorchester County SLR Assessment and Strategy Maryland FWS Coastal
Habitat Vulnerability Assessment for Wintering Black Ducks Chesapeake Bay USGS Coastal
Landscape Scale Conservation in the White-Moose New Hampshire, Maine Trust for Public Land Forest
Maine Fishermen’s Climate Roundtables Maine NOAA Marine
Modelling for Virginia’s Wildlife Action Plan VA, MD, DE, WV Virginia DFW Forest
Resilient Sites in the Northeast Northeast and Mid-Atlantic US and Maritime Canada TNC Multiple
Taunton Mill River Restoration Massachusetts TNC Inland Water


Adaptive Management Benchmarks National DOD All
Climate Academy National AFWA Multiple
Climate Change in Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation National NOAA Coastal
Climate Change Planning, Refuge System National FWS Multiple National NOAA All
Climate-Smart Sancturies National NOAA Marine
Coral Reef Resilience National NOAA Marine
Digital Coast National NOAA Coastal
Engaging Youth with Climate Change National NPS Multiple
Facilitating Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Planning National ITEP Multiple
Heightened Awareness for Emerging Pathogens National APHIS Multiple
Interpreting Climate Change National NPS Multiple
Monthly Climate Change Webinars National NPS Multiple
National Climate Assessment, Forest Sector Report National USFS Forest
National Climate Change Wayside Project National NPS Multiple
National Phenology Network National USGS Multiple
NWRS CC Engagement Strategy National FWS Multiple
Promoting Aquatic Connectivity and Fish Passage National FWS Inland Water
Promoting Aquatic Connectivity and Fish Passage National EPA Multiple
Using Sentinel Sites to Manage Natural Resources National NOAA Coastal
Water Resource Inventory and Assessment National FWS Inland Water
Watershed Vulnerability Pilot Assessments Multiple USFS Inland Water
WeatherBlur National NOAA Coastal

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